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CTR Media Convergence Institute is the first institute in China specializing in media convergence.  The institute was built on advantages in media research, audience measurement, and consumer insight accumulated by CTR and CSM over the past two decades. Front-line experts, scholars, and media and internet operators are dedicating jointly to explore a prosperous way of media convergence.

As the official WeChat account of CTR Media Convergence Institute, Dewaiwuhao serves as a think tank, a distribution channel and also a platform where readers and users engage in communication. The account collaborates expert resources from the professional research committee of the institute and initiates some expert activities. The account has now become a communication platform that integrates research, predictions, and case studies in China and abroad of media convergence. It also publishes industry reports, information profiles and surveys, and consultancy services.

Dewaiwuhao focuses on publishing cutting-edge research reports and in-depth industry hotspot analyses. It has developed routine programs like Dewai Special, Dewai Recommendation, High-end Media Convergence Interview, Dewai Information, and Reading at Weekends, etc. Dewaiwuhao updates articles on a daily bases and publishes over 1,000 pieces a year. Taking advantage of high-quality content, Dewaiwuhao has attracted an increasing number of followers and drawn significant attention from media executives. Dewaiwuhao is authoritative in the area of media convergence observation. Followers of Dewaiwuhao are also from relatively high-end communities and enjoy authority in the field of media convergence observation. Besides, Dewaiwuhao is also publishing on TouTiao, Yidianzixun, Net-Ease, 36Kr, and other influential content platforms.

In terms of cutting-edge research abroad, Dewaiwuhao often reprints interpreted reports from Reuters Institute, Pew Research Center, Deloitte Research, Nieman Journalism Lab, and other international research organizations.
Regarding industry hotspots in China, Dewaiwuhao regularly invites experts from the professional guidance committee of the institute. Famous experts from both academia and field exchange perspectives and share inspiring interpretations and predictions of critical issues.

Mr. Xu Lijun, the managing director of CTR Market Research Co., Ltd. and the president of the Media Convergence Institute, acts as the host in the high-end interview of media convergence. By adopting the form of conversation, it is appropriate to explore the cutting-edge decisions of domestic media convergence with top leaders of media.

Since August 18th, 2015, Dewaiwuhao has reaped fruitful results in the area of media convergence observation. Now, followers of our WeChat platform total over 16,000. The key program Dewai Special has received more than 1 million page views across all platforms on the Internet. We’ve compiled Collection on Media Convergence Cases, Collection on Content Compilation of Dewaiwuhao (Temporary Name) and other books.  The establishment of Media Observation Think Tank provides substantial resources for the research and consultancy service of CTR Media Convergence Institute.

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