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Advertising Management Strategy
As people become more and more reliant on the Internet, it emerges a significant trend of “triple play” (referring to the telecommunications business network, radio and TV and computer networks) and one cloud on N-screen. The “media convergence era” is around the corner. Using multiple devices to obtain information becomes normal life. How can we help traditional media to maintain and enhance their value by taking advantage of the Internet? CTR brings you timely media content management and advertising operation solutions.

To maximize advertising returns, CTR keeps tracking trends in the advertising market, offering insights into the latest advertising patterns, investigating changes in advertising delivery, and digging out the value of media advertising in general.

Advertising Monitoring  
Based on CTR's comprehensive cross-media monitoring network in over 500 cities in China, together with analysis tools, continuous solution packages for specific products as well as tailored services, CTR can offer our clients the landscape of market competition in the environment of media convergence and monitor advertising delivery situations. Besides, CTR will support our clients to acquire strategic information and map out appropriate strategies for media management. 

Media Communication Value
The aim is to find out the advantages of the target media of its audience and communication channels, thereby enabling the media to demonstrate its unique value to potential advertisers. Areas explored include audience demographics, media consumption patterns, ad awareness, audience perception of media, product consumption potential, and audience lifestyle. Resulting research can be used to provide quantitative support for media promotion. The service is available for all types of media (newspaper, magazine, radio and TV stations, outdoor, Internet, and other new media).

Indicators of readership during a period concerning a newspaper (publication) include the average reader size of each issue, the average readership of each issue, circulating rate, preferred rate, reading frequency, and reader loyalty, etc.

Advertising Competitiveness
Based on consistent monitoring of the advertising market in China, CTR can track the latest trends of the market, observe advertising delivery changes, monitoring advertising effects, and assess the competitiveness of different media. This service helps our clients better integrate advertising resources and achieve an optimized layout of advertising space and advertising product design. It also supports our clients to determine a scientific and competitive advertising pricing strategy.

Media Qualitative Study
CTR's Media Qualitative Studies seek to identify a media's most outstanding advantages in terms of brand image, programming quality, and advertising environment. It accomplishes this goal by uncovering the direct drives of media influence. Additionally, this study helps media owners and managers evaluate their media value comprehensively and objectively by assessing influence indicators of audience disposition, societal impact, and gravity to advertisers.

Media Contact Point Study
With the fragmentation of media communication, it has been a shared concern of advertisers of pitching effective media to delivery. CTR can counsel this process by categorizing typical advertising forms on different media platforms, define typical media contact points that may drive marketing performance, and discuss relevance between different audience groups and different media contact points.

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