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Cross-media Engagement Habit

The fast pace of modern lifestyle forces every member of society to compress their time. The fragmentation of multi-device interactive media contact behavior and the consumer demand in pursuit of experience are thus driving the trend of brand marketing strategy. How can brands achieve genuine and profound interactions with their target consumers? How does CTR trace and evaluate the effects of advertising placement and media investment CTR brings you a marketing decision basis.

Given the current trends of decentralization and fragmentation in media consumption, understanding the cross-media consumption habits becomes critical to the precise construction and effective integration of marketing strategies. CTR provides objective researches and data supports to help its clients achieve such understanding. As an expert in its field, CTR continuously analyzes cross-media consumption patterns of Chinese residents and key consumer groups (business executives, upper-class women, etc.).

Cross-media Value Evaluation
Although online media out-performs traditional media in many ways, the media marketing value assessment, in general, failed to develop a unified evaluation system to adopt the shift. To define the values of the various media and provide references for advertising budget allocation, CTR developed a cross-media value evaluation model. Combining the model with the key moments during the consumers’ decision-making processes, CTR analyzes the contributors in the consumers' decision-making process from every media-related dimension to make comprehensive assessments.


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