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Media Convergence Institute

Background and Positioning
Two decades have passed since the introduction of the Internet into China. The media industry is now facing changes different than ever before. Media convergence is incorporated into the blueprint of the deepening reform led by the central government. Internet +has become a national strategy. The transformation and innovation of traditional media have embarked on a new journey. In this process, the Internet and traditional media are going forward in the same direction. Our audiences are changing; products are upgrading; rules and mindsets are shifting. The ear is a break-out, a historical tide either flowing into today’s trend or surged away by the changing times.

CTR Media Convergence Institute is the first institute in China specializing in media convergence.  The institute was built on advantages in media research, audience measurement, and consumer insight accumulated by CTR and CSM over the past two decades. Front-line experts, scholars, and media and internet operators are dedicating jointly to explore a prosperous way of media convergence.

Our Ideas
We’d like to refrain from the macro description of the theoretical framework. Instead, we focus on the pragmatic approaches;
We’d like to bind with customers on-site and play and solve problems together;
We’d like to admire the field survey, analyze custom research, and accumulate experience. Meanwhile, we summarize the principles for replicating success and passing on experience;
We’d like to reinforce our professional brand of basic research and establish the industry standard measuring scale with the objective data of the third party;
We’d like to make it open the audience rating data, rate of audience, advertising monitoring data, media contact data, consumer behavior data, and consumer shopping data to carry out social experiments of data fusion

Research Areas
One WeChat official account——Dewaiwuhao (ID: dewaiwuhao);
Two books——High-end Interview and Collection of Media Convergence;
A group of experts and two platforms——Expert Platform and Knowledge platform;
One index——Media Convergence Index System;
Two products——OTT and Audience Community.

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