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Brand Communication Strategy
CTR brings you the insights and Information of brand marketing strategy, communication effectiveness solution and AD assessment and evaluation method.

CTR helps advertisers and brand managers get the most from their advertising investments. Our tools allow you to: take the pulse of your brand, whenever needed; understand the developments and changes to not only your brand, but also your competitors; and lay down appropriate advertising strategies accordingly. Our tools and insights provide continuous momentum towards efforts raising the value of products and services.

  • Brand Endorsement
    Developed in conjunction with VR Company, CTR’s Brand Endorsement research is an ongoing study of popular celebrities in China and abroad. Insights gained are used by advertising companies, enterprises, television stations and others when choosing celebrity spokespersons or program stars. The study is based on a survey of 1,200 individuals between the age of 15 and 45, living in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. Covering both Chinese celebrities and popular foreign stars, the survey assesses and records subject impressions of a total of more than 300 famous personalities.

  • Brand Positioning
    Providing support for building strong and clearly differentiated brands, our Brand Positioning service identifies, at all levels, consumer needs that your brand fulfills or potentially fulfills. Resulting insights are used to help you shape your brand's unique characteristics and determine a clearly differentiated brand position that meets the most underlying needs of your consumers.

  • Brand Health
    CTR helps you assess the health of your brand and understand the reasons behind changes in key brand indicators. Using our unique brand diagnosis model, ad monitoring data and the results of regular evaluations of your brand's performance, we provide professional insights and advice to help guide your brand building efforts.

  • Public opinion monitoring
    Based on the cross-media and news monitoring covering almost 200 cities and the survey network of target audiences of CTR, we offer the widest cross-media information monitoring, multi-dimensional news information tracking and the result analysis of information communication. In the meanwhile, we provide you with full support to conduct the business reputation management, business intelligence collection, effect appraisal of public relation activities as well as risk tackling.
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