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Usage & Attitude

The consumption market in China possesses enormous potential and various demands from Chinese consumers. Lifestyles and consumption behaviors of consumers from different cities at distinct ages, and with multiple values sharply differ. How can we track the exact lifestyle and consumption behavior of our target consumers How can we realize consumers' truthful evaluations of products and services CTR consumer research brings you detailed explanations.

Attitudes and behaviors of consumers affect their usage habits, consideration criteria, purchasing methods, and buying strategy. Understanding the attitudes and the actions of the target audience is the basis of understanding the market and the platform onto which product strategies are built.

Satisfaction Measurement
In exploring the relationship between an enterprise and its customers (or any other type of stakeholders), CTR discovers the degree with which a given product or service matches customer expectations and experience. Our professional data mining uncovers “hidden opportunities” and prevents “hidden risks” before they become visible, thereby providing you with clear guidance in the area of product value enhancement, and enabling you to carry out targeted, results-oriented management.


Commitment Measurement
Consumer buying decisions ultimately depend on a combination of market forces, individual opinions, and the emotional attraction that the given consumer feels toward the brand in question. CTR carries out thorough categorization of consumers and assesses their commitment towards brands or services by evaluating the relationship between consumers and products or consumers and product categories. Utilizing such information, CTR provides our clients with valuable and educated advice to facilitate their precision marketing and brand advertising.


Mysterious Shopper
CTR ensures our clients receive timely and accurate mystery shopper inspections, guaranteed by CTR's extensive experience in mystery shopper projects, mature project management, and a robust self-operating national network. Alongside close analysis of the information yielded, CTR uses its powerful research capabilities and industry experience to provide our clients with value-added channel management and service upgrade consulting services.


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