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T.E.A.M. stands for Together Everyone Achieves More

Not everyone is capable of everything, but partnering as a team, we will be as an excellent team push each individual to perform at their best. Such as rafting, it allows us to see every individual’s strengths and reinforces the team synergies that in turns bring out the best of everyone to ensure better collaboration and cooperation. We can grow together, trust each other, be responsible for each other, and face new challenges together for a win-win future!

  • Do you dare to take challenges?
  • Are you curious about why things happen the ways they do?
  • Do you care about things around you?
  • Do you enjoy data mining?
  • If the answers to all these are yes, we welcome you to join us!

Share the values held jointly by us: improvement & innovation; commitments fulfillment; professional services; global perception; win-win cooperation

We discipline ourselves with the highest professional standards and skills and continuously to surprise our clients by exceeding their expectations. This is what you expect to see from a “T.E.A.M” member at CTR.

Join the T.E.A.M. now!

You will be provided with the followings:

  • Trainings by professionals with 18+ years of China market experiences
  • Practices in the largest research network in China
  • Learn and use world’s proven research mythologies and business solutions
  • Participation in one-to-one trainings to be a market research analystprofessional
  • All other training courses include research methods and capability, presentation skill, industrial analysis, project management, business etiquette etc. …
  • Harmonious corporate culture
  • Competitive staff welfarepackages
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