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In the Media

New ads, media trends unveiled at 2017 CTR Insight Summit


The latest trends in the consumption market,

advertising sector and media development in China were revealed in Beijing on

Wednesday at the CTR Insight Summit by CTR Market Research, leading company in

the field of market research.


New trends unveiled at 2017 CTR Insight Summit

BEIJING Sept. 2 (Xinhuanet) -- The latest trends of consumption market, advertising market and media development were unveiled on Wednesday during the 2017 CTR Insight Summit in Beijing....

Advertisers bullish about advertising budget and business outlook

Advertisers are still upbeat about their advertising budget and business outlook even as they face challenges from a fast changing market landscape, according to a survey....

New Normal, New Trends

China's leading market research company unveils the latest domestic market developments...

Ad spending growth expected to rise

China's advertising market will maintain slow growth at 6 percent in 2014, an industry report forecast, pointing to another year of bright opportunities for Internet businesses and a struggle for traditional outlets....

Interest in World Cup rises as play-offs set to start

Chinese audiences' interest in Brazil World Cup is growing even stronger as the tournament advances deeper into play-offs. More than half of respondents to a recent online survey said they'll "watch" the final of the world's second largest sports event next only to the Olympics. ...

More Women Smoking In China, Despite Aggressive Anti-Tobacco Campaigns

A campaign by China’s government to get its people to butt out has been largely successful with one glaring exception: The number of women that are lighting up has tripled in recent years....

Chinese brands outperform MNCs

CHINESE brands are preferred by consumers as they are quicker to tap latest media trends and bolder with new marketing campaigns, outperforming their multinational rivals, industry experts noted yesterday....

China's Smartphone Users Pass on the iPhone 6

Around 90% have no interest in buying an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus...

Online shopping splurge one for the record books

Chinese shoppers spent billions online yesterday as they took advantage of discounts offered on Single’s Day, a festival seized on by online retailers to increase sales....

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