Basic Monitoring Based on the largest media monitoring network in China, CTR media intelligence provides cross-media monitoring services, analytical tools, syndicatedand tailor made services to meet the various needs of marketers from international and domestic brand owners, advertising and media agencies as well as media investors.

Content Monitoring With our over 10 years syndicatedmonitoring database on China’s advertising market, CTR helps marketers, government bodies, NGO, public relation agencies, consulting &media firms to see patterns beyond the trends, and drivers behind the advertising expenditures and brand marketing strategies, providing timely feedback on new programming launch and continuous tracking services.

  • Marketers need to measure the outcomes and value of their brand campaigns. That way they can constantly improve their performance. Our 360ºmedia monitoringservices provide the skills in media planning, measuring and targeting that give them actionable insight into their cross-media marketing strategies while maximizing ROI.
  • Our comprehensive media market analysis which consists of actionable insight from reliable data and perceptive analysis, helping client to gain a better understanding of what their markets and competitors are doing, and manage their brand reputation as well as corporate share of voice.
  • Our powerful analytic skills and media expertise help our clients to gain competitive advantages throughPR performance evaluation including crisis management, business intelligence, news alerts, and topictracking across all kinds of media.

Core Competencies

  • Manage the largest media monitoring network in China.
  • The world-class monitoring technology with professionalpersonnel and skills.
  • Huge advertising creative database, essential for new idea inspiration.
  • 360o cross-mediamonitoring services, offering marketing communication tracking with perspectives.
  • 24/7,non-stop tracking with express services.



May Zhao
General Manager of CTR Media Intelligence
T+8610 8201 5388