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Media Intelligence (MI)


CTR MI adheres to the world-leading experience of KANTAR group, relies on the largest media monitoring network in China, and is dedicated to offering 360º marketing communication monitoring services to help clients get informed about and prepared for any changes in market. Continuous tracking and monitoring the trend of brand


Service Content

》360ºcross-media marketing and communication monitoring to assist clients to make media scheme in an effective fashion, upgrade the media communication strategy and to maximize the return on advertising delivery.

》360ºmedia market analysis helps customers to know themselves and the business situation of their competitive media so as to succeed.

》Through monitoring services like tracking key news, negative news warning and the evaluation of public relation information, we offer our full back up for clients to deal with risks, collect business information, and manage well the business reputation and public relation activities, which benefits the improving of communication competitiveness and the effect of media communication.


Unique advantages

》China’s greatest media monitoring and operation network

》Global advanced monitoring technology

》Numerous advertising materials conducive to sparking creative thinking

》Multi-dimensional tracking, interpretation and the analysis on the value of monetization communication

》All-weather and 7X24 quick response service


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