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》Field: media, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), durable goods, real estate, automobile, communication, finance, government education, training, lottery, jewelry, clothing, household appliances, tobacco, wine, IT, Internet, and other fields.

》Research: industry research, market entry feasibility research, product research, brand research, satisfaction research, consumer behavior research, channel research, AD and marketing effect research, marketing consultation service, individual case research based on continuous data, integration of big data and sampling data, research on consumption experience via VR technology, and other research.

》Based on media, AD, continuous data of consumer goods as well as the big data from the Internet, CTR has adopted customized research approaches to provide integrated marketing services to clients.  

》CTR is powered by its nationwide operation teams, a self-owned online accessible panel as well as a telephone survey center.

Unique advantage:

  • > CTR is the only organization that can integrate consumer terminal data and media communication data in China.
  • > CTR enjoys the global experience of specialized research and leading research methods shared by Kantar Group and offers world-leading research and analysis services.
  • > CTR enjoys over two decades’ experience in specialized research.
  • > CTR has branch companies and offices in 36 cities nationwide operated by their self-owned teams.
  • > CTR possesses over two millions online samples and more than 300 CATI.

    Consumer Goods Research
    By studying consumption behaviors, product usages, attitudes, and media contact habits, CTR helps enterprises to judge market trends, find market opportunities, and draft product marketing strategies. CTR has endeavored in consumer goods research for over twenty years and has developed many leading research models and standard values (NORM) in the industry. Taking advantages of its exclusive continuous consumer monitoring data, CTR can offer its clients with customized, consistent, and comprehensive service modes and analysis models. CTR’s self-owned operation system across China benefits its screening, invitation, and sampling, visit, and quality control services.

    Ø Consumer research: consumer using habits and attitudes (U&A), consumer demands research, segmentation research, consumer profile research, life-style, and value research

    Ø Product research: concept test, packaging test, taste test, price test, product line management and expansion research, product driving force research

    Ø Brand research: brand equity research, brand health research, brand diagnosis and rebranding, brand positioning research, advertising pre-test, advertising, and marketing campaign effect evaluation

    Ø Channel research: particular channel and shopper research, the mysterious person monitoring research, customer satisfaction, and loyalty research

    Government Research:
    Thanks to years of experience in government research and service, CTR has expanded its clients to government affairs, tourism, culture and commerce committee, housing protection, intellectual property rights, national reading, and welfare services. CTR hires professional government affairs and satisfaction evaluation researchers, and invites experts of government performance evaluation as project consultants. Ø Satisfaction evaluation of the public and service objects: satisfaction evaluation of government departments at different levels, assessment of the work performance of government departments at different levels to collect opinions and needs, and promote the improvement of service level and capacity of government agencies

    Ø Special work evaluation of government organs: the evaluation of the crucial annual work, the evaluation of all kinds of work such as non-governmental practical work

    Ø Inspection and verification of government work: inspection and verification of the performance of various tasks, inspection and verification of key tasks, and inspection and verification of service level

    Ø Evaluation of various social work: national reading evaluation, spiritual civilization, health city creation evaluation, happy life index research, economic and social development evaluation.

    Ø Tourism research: research on the satisfaction scale of tourist consumption behavior of local tourists from other provinces. Research on the satisfaction scale of tourist consumption behavior concerning outbound and inbound tourists.

    Communication/Home Appliance/IT and Other Field Research
    CTR enjoys more than 20 years of research experience in communication, household appliances, and IT, several professional research models, a reliable research and execution team, and a national database of mobile phone users' communication business and mobile device using behavior and attitude.

    Ø Advertising media and brand research: creative evaluation of advertising, effect evaluation of advertising, effect evaluation of marketing activities, media contact habits, media value evaluation, brand performance evaluation, brand health degree analysis, and brand positioning research

    Ø Satisfaction and loyalty research: customer service satisfaction research, customer service loyalty research, net recommendation research, internal employee satisfaction research, dealer satisfaction research, customer service expectation research and customer service enhancement

    Ø User experience research: secret visits in different channels, service improvement research, customer experience and perception research, and customer service improvement strategy research

    Ø Research on users’ usage and demand: demographic research, user behavior and attitude research, user demand research, and user pain spot research

    Ø Product and industrial research: product trial and improvement research, communication business market development research, and market situation and industry development research

    Automobile research:
    Full chain and whole-life cycle research capabilities concerning the automobile industry; rich experience in passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles research; profound business insights and solutions;

    Ø New launch research: industry research and market environment analysis, consumer U&A research, vehicle test, commercialization property research, image test, sludge model test, and dynamic and static test

    Ø Product quality study: A research model based on a perfect quality evaluation system can be used to evaluate satisfaction loss caused by product quality complains. Combined with user feedback and analysis results, CTR helps our clients to draft customized improvement strategies and suggestions depending on user feedback and analysis results.

    Ø Brand research: brand health degree analysis, brand image research, brand competitive substitution relationship research, brand premium, and brand communication research

    Ø AD and publication research: AD recognition and media channel contribution research, AD creativeness evaluation, and AD effectiveness research

    Ø Service satisfaction research: customer service satisfaction research and dealer satisfaction research

    Ø Channel research: onsite-inspections of dealers' facilities and management effectiveness, secret-visit inspections of dealers' sale consulting service, and secret-visit investigations of dealers' aftersales service of execution and technical performance

    Finance and lottery and other industrial research:
    Ø CTR enjoys more than 20 years of research experience in finance, lottery, and other relevant industries. CTR has developed several industry-leading satisfaction loyalty evaluation systems and research models, advanced channel service inspections, real-time project management platforms, signature integrated and close-ended project management service mode of execution-quality control-research

    Ø Brand research: CTR deploys advanced research models to analyze brand image, brand reputation, brand awareness, brand health, and brand positioning. Primary research directions: brand health degree analysis, brand image research, brand competitive substitution relationship research, brand positioning research, and brand value research

    Ø Satisfaction and loyalty research: utilizing advanced research models, CTR can conduct satisfaction and loyalty research concerning internal staff and customers. Main research directions: customer service satisfaction research, customer service loyalty research, net recommendation research, and internal employee satisfaction research

    Ø Customer service experience research: as consumers’ demands upgrade, customer service experience has become one of the core competitiveness of inter-industry competition. CTR has years of research experience in terms of customer experience improvement. Main research direction: customer experience improvement strategy research, overall channel service and quality improvement strategy research, terminal service quality, “mysterious customer” secret-visit monitoring research, and onsite service quality research of terminal network outlets.

    Ø Research on consumer behavior and attitude: digging into the motivation behind consumer behaviors and attitudes, CTR categorizes consumer portraits to boost consumer demand satisfaction, channel construction, product development and distribution, and marketing and promotion strategy drafting. Primary research direction: population portrait research of structures and characteristics, behavior and attitude research of product and channel usage, customized customer service management research, media touch-point and delivery strategy research, product development and channel distribution research, and product optimization research

    Media research:
    CTR is the largest audience-oriented media research institute in China. It provides media with various research services like content creation, AD communication, brand positioning, internal management, and other services. CTR has devoted to media research for over two decades and dominated in the media research market in China. Clients of CTR now include Chinese TV stations, radios, websites, OOH media, and mobile media.

    Ø Media industry essential research: CTR provides essential research services of the media industry, including media competition environment and trend analysis, audience lifestyle and media preference research, domestic and foreign program format research, overseas communication strategy research, cross-media monitoring and analysis.

    Ø Media content research: the research can be conducted throughout the whole three-stage program producing procedure respectively as the early stage, the middle stage, and the later stage. In the early stage, CTR can conduct the script test, the creativeness test, the sample test, and the TV series test to advise program delivery. In the middle stage, the content positioning and factor research, the audience rating analysis, the programming research, and the program optimization research can facilitate the content optimization of the program. In the later stage, CTR can also provide audience satisfaction evaluation, comprehensive program evaluation, communication effect evaluation of converged media and other services covering short videos, news, TV series and shows, and other forms of programs.  

    • (New) program and TV series test: To predict the audience ratings of (new) programs and TV series, and offer optimization suggestions accordingly, CTR will investigate some key elements that may affect the audience ratings and the audience satisfaction degrees before the air of new programs and TV series.

    • TV column (channel) comprehensive evaluation system: Since 2010, CTR offers objective and fair internal management tools for TV stations based on a thorough evaluation of the performance of columns (channels) regarding core indicators of media influence, broadcasting power, and brand power.


•Satisfaction evaluation system: Since 1999, CTR now has set audience satisfaction benchmarks of TV programs in the Chinese market as well as other more than twenty regional markets. Based on the benchmarks, CTR also developed well-established audience satisfaction evaluation systems of programs, columns, and TV hosts.

• Media convergence research: CTR can conduct converged media communication effect evaluation, converged media content product research, Internet-based big data program monitoring, and media convergence and transformation research.

• Communication effect research: CTR has established an evaluation system to investigate the effects of converged media, which can quantify the audience satisfaction of the program and the awareness, the engagement, and the value-leadership of the program in different online channels.

• Content product research: Audience demand research of content products, content positioning, and communication strategy analysis of converged media, such as communication characteristics of WeChat and Weibo, features of viral content, and layout and function designs of APPs and websites.

• Internet-based big data program monitoring: Apart from the traditional TV rating analysis and interpretation, CTR can conduct communication effect and audience evaluation monitoring and analysis for online programs as well.

•Media convergence transformation research: CTR will study successful cases and experience of the transformation of traditional media institutions, and to provide strategic suggestions for media convergence in combination with market demands.

• Researches on new media like OOH: CTR will provide bigdata-based media portrait research, advertising delivery value research of new media, cross-media advertising effect research, and cross-media advertising delivery strategy evaluation.

• Cross-media value research: Based on the SIVA model and some critical decision-making moments of consumers, CTR evaluates media values according to the contribution of media to the decision-making process of consumers comprehensively, to advise the budget allocation of advertising.

• Media touch-point research: By sorting out the typical advertising forms on various media platforms, CTR defines several typical media touch-points that may drive sales performance and discusses relevance between different types of consumers and media touch-points, to provide a reference for advertising.

•OOH media value evaluation: CTR can help OOH media to find their market opportunities and communication values by utilizing CTR's OOH media value evaluation system, which may ultimately boost OOH media’s content optimization and sales performance.

•Advertising effect evaluation system: To provide a solution for measuring media effects of OOH new media

  • Bigdata-based audience portrait for OOH media: CTR describes characteristics of media audience by utilizing applied electronic fence technology and Internet-based bigdata.
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