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EZ Analysis System


Easy CNRS is a professional analysis platform combining online and offline homologous data. It can analyze the lifestyles of target groups, cross-media touching, media pitching, and media values.

Unique advantages
• Four major features: online service, modularized function, simplified operation, and upgraded effect
• With abundant monitoring indicators of web clicking behavior and APP usage behaviors
• Almost 2,000 popular websites monitored by PC covering 68 kinds of popular websites and secondary webpages
• Over 30,000 APPs monitored through mobile channels.
• Continuous monitoring of the year and quarterly unveiled the latest data.

Snapshot partners with TGI to develop consumer portrait system, which simplifies data insights and offers better CNRS experience for users. The analysis system is applicable in PC, tablet PC, and mobile phones, and is divided into Target Snapshot (targeted at the study towards brand target consumers) and Audience Snapshot (targeted at the study towards media audience)

Unique advantages
• Authorized log-in with one account, easy operation
• Concise pages and clear modules; movable contents, simple but profound
• Upgrading the online data in time; records retention and report export
• Convenient for searching whenever and wherever possible

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