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Customized Research Service


Individual Case Investigation:
Based on years of experience in media and consumer behavior research, MCB is particularly expert at designing and implementing research in the following areas in light of customers' specific needs:industry research, advertising effectiveness research, media marketing value research, consumer demand research, consumer behavior research, brand value research, brand positioning analysis, research on advertising delivery strategy, audience demand research, brand promotion / activity effect research and so on.

Omnibus/return visit: it builds on panels among continuous research projects of CTR such as CNRS\CBES\CTLS\CMBS. The omnibus research is conducted at the same time as CTR proceeds the continuous research project, which can reach target consumers as much as possible by relying on the existing database. Return visit research, based on the sample pool of continuous database, focuses on specific brand users/target consumers by phone, the Internet, and return visit of new users. The research provides in-depth analysis of some particular behavioral trajectories and consumers' habits. 

Unique advantages
• To help enterprises to find out target consumers more efficiently and economically based on CTR's continuous study of millions of massive sample resources accumulated by nearly 20 years.
• The research is associated with abundant information tags of population background, media contact, lifestyles, and product consumption (220+ categories/6000+ brands) from the database.  It can quickly locate the target population required for the study and conduct insight study based on the omnibus and questionnaire on return visits.

Directional monitoring(online): it tracks and monitors target consumers' online clicking behavior in real-time and conduct data analysis by way of PC/mobile Meter plug-ins independently developed by CTR.

Unique Advantage
• Based on nearly one million Internet/APP user panels of CTR, it can provide accurate monitoring of online behaviors and conduct a homologous analysis of both the online and offline consumer behaviors.

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