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FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)


Kantar Worldpanel offers continuous research on consumer behavior of the FMCG in the Chinese market. Kantar helps brand managers monitoring the purchasing channel of the FMCG and the business performance of key retailers in a comprehensive way. Also, it provides professional market information and insight into consumers and retailers promptly.

As of the FMCG consumption behavior research, Kantar aims to assist its clients in understanding the mental model of Chinese consumers. By analyzing shopper decisions and consumer communities, Kantar Worldpanel provides its clients insights into the characteristics of essential and potential customers. Through tracking the market, building consumer insights, and understanding retailers, Kantar presents applicable advice and suggestions to its clients. With a more accessible assessment of brand performances, newly listed products, price setting and analyze ways for retailers to optimize their promotion strategies, business owners can manage branding and categories effectively. 

Kantar Worldpanel originally took feet in the Chinese market in 1996. Now, Kantar’s service has covered over 370 cities.

Annual panel size: 40,000 households

Kantar’s research fields cover more than 100 kinds of FMCG, like food, beverage, personal care, family care, etc. When conducting researches, Kantar adopts international standards and advanced data collecting instruments such as bar code scanning, the Internet, shopping document scanning.

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