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Personal Care Purchasing and Usage


Personal Beauty Index

Kantar Worldpanel Personal Beauty Index is capable of offering in-depth insights and accurate judgments over the purchasing behaviors of different consumers (by age and gender). Additionally, Kantar monitors the market via the analysis of the skincare routines and the shopper baskets favoring premium and emerging channels. Kantar Worldpanel Personal Beauty Index focuses on the consumption behavior of 40,000 consumers from first-tier to fifth-tier cities over personal care products. With the help of the smartphone data collection, Kantar is able to analyze the general public’s consuming behavior over personal care products. The index thus presents a comprehensive and analytical view of consumers’ way of life, media engagements, and consumption ideas.

Personal Care Usage Behavior Research

Kantar Worldpanel Personal Care Usage Behavior Research continuously monitors the changes in using habits of consumers from the four key cities and provincial capitals of China. Brand owners could respond to the market trends promptly as they realize the consumer demands in a new market climate.

Utilizing the information from diaries and questionnaires, Kantar Worldpanel allows its clients to understand the question of who, when, where, why, and how behind their products’ consumption. Kantar Worldpanel currently possesses 6,000 individual subjects aging between 13 and 55 (4,000 female & 2,000 male) from 16 sampling stations in key cities and provincial capitals across China. Kantar’s product categories include skincare products, beauty products, hair care products, oral care products, deodorized sprays, and shaving products, etc.
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