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Operation and Sample Center


CTR Operation and Sample Center possesses a market research network that reaches every corner of China, offering efficient research and precise monitoring data. When conducting research, CTR Operation and Sample Center combines scientific data collection methods with numerical evidence in terms of consumer research, satisfaction surveys, product research, brand research, all-media advertisements as well as press monitoring. With its reliable research methods, CTR Operation and Sample Center constructs a well-developed operation system that incorporates operation standards with theoretical methodology and research.


  1. > Offline Survey

CTR Operation and Sample Center adopts multiple offline survey approaches such as door-to-door surveys, micro-positioning, street interviews, phone interviews, panel discussions, and in-depth interviews. Among all tactics, micro-positioning is one of CTR’s innovative methods, which effectively resolves the challenge of the door-to-door visit. The theoretical feasibility and practical success of CTR’s unique strategies have won the recognition of the industry.

  1. > Online Survey
    1. • Online panel questionnaire survey
    2. • Questionnaire programming, research data trusteeship, and management service
    3. • Meter Data and relative products
    4. • Online self-service products: DIY questionnaire platform, self-service investigation products, online qualitative community platforms

      Advertisement/press Monitoring

CTR’s Advertisements/Press Monitoring business uses recognition technology over image, sound, and semantic to conduct continuous observation over traditional publicity means such as TV, radio, print media, outdoor media, and the Internet. CTR conducts monitoring services to provide the essential data supporting its advertisement supervision, advertisement consumption research, advertisement materials, and news supervision products. Additionally, CTR provides customized monitoring services over other measures of advertisements such as mobile terminals, vehicle-mounted LCDs, and LCDs in buildings.

Research Community

Research Communities are online crowd-sourcing platforms that integrate advertisement/content collection with questionnaire survey tasks. Users can use spare time to experience entertaining activities and build a diversified ecosystem with opinion sharing, information communication, resource collaboration, and win-win coalition.

Unique Advantages

  1. • Covers 500+ Chinese cities and operates millions of samples annually
  2. • 360-degree all media advertisement monitoring, including 1000+ TV & radio stations, 500+ print media, 280+ internet, 24+ OOH monitoring
  3. • 4 million+ self-owned and cloud samples
  4. • 260 thousand + PC and mobile samples available for online behavior monitoring
  5. • 300+ professional operation teams in 32 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou
  6. • Quality management system with the certifications of ISO9001 and ISO20252 standards
  7. • Online questionnaire platforms, research communities, and the CTR “Zhongpai” APP

• Operation Standardization Committee, Sampling Theory Innovation Research, Methods Researches merge with Practical Explorations, leading standards in the research industry

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