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Media and Consumption Behavior Research

The Media and Consumer Behavior Research (MCB) is people-oriented consumer research. CTR has been conducting data/sample collecting across multiple media platforms and categories of products for many years. MCB, thus, can offer our clients with insights and data used in user portrait, cross-media delivery, online behavior analysis, and trend study of lifestyles.

> Marketing Solution
> Big Data Marketing Optimization Service
> Customized Service
> Hitchhiking/Return Visit
> Individual Case Investigation (Offline)
> Target Monitoring (Online)
> EZ Analysis System
> TGI Continuous Database  
> Online Behavior Analysis
> Media Touching Habit
> Product Consumption Shifting
> Lifestyle Trend
> User Portrait
> Cross-media Advertising Delivery Strategy
> Cross-media Value Research  
> Market Competitiveness Analysis  
> Marketing Activity Allocation Design
> Consumer Decision-making Mental Mode

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