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Optimize media strategy from the perspective of consumer segmentation.
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The actual purchase behavior of the homologous sample and the continuous cooperative sample group, and the use of media.
Passively acquire the consumer's segmented App usage behavior and preferences, and help customers accurately locate the App type and launch and cooperate with the App.
According to the omni-channel purchase behavior of the sample, find the subdivided people who help the brand grow; Communicate effectively with consumers through customized media strategy.
How should the budget for cross-media delivery be allocated?
How can a brand communicate with its different target groups more effectively?
Should the brand give priority to traditional TV media or digital media?
Do the subdivided target groups have preferences for different TV channels, program types and programs?
What outdoor advertisements can help brands seize the opportunity to communicate with target groups?
What are the behavioral characteristics of the segmented target population on the mobile phone?
What types of apps can help brands communicate with segmented target groups?
Which apps are the communication platforms that brands need to focus on?