Kantar Worldpanel
Brand Health Tracker
Based on homologous samples, it studies the communication elements that really drive brand growth and transform the purchase of target groups.
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Research on brand power empowered by real purchase behavior to avoid data errors caused by consumer claims
Streamlined questionnaire interview, focusing directly on the key issues of research, avoiding the decline of data quality caused by too long interview time
Use homologous data to directly link brand health and market development, and provide more targeted and landing strategic suggestions for brands
Using real purchase data, accurately capture high-value target groups (such as new/repeat buyers, moderate and heavy buyers) and make strategic suggestions directly reach the target group
In the buyer's mind, how does customer brand compare with competing products? Where are the strengths and weaknesses?
Where is the bottleneck stage that restricts the further development of brand?
Compared with the past, after marketing and advertising, has the customer brand improved in mental performance?
What are the core elements that really drive brand growth?
For different segments/high-value groups, what differentiated contents should the brand communicate?
To break through the bottleneck of development, what media should the brand use to shock and communicate the combination of content, to transform more consumers' purchases?