Kantar Worldpanel
Consumer Media Measure(CMM)
Based on homologous samples, it studies the influence of advertising on shoppers' purchasing behavior, which helps brands to solve the problem of how the various elements in the media mix work together and define different media roles, to promote brand sales and increase penetration rate.
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Based on homologous samples, accurately match advertisement exposure and real shopper behavior, and accurately attribute the pulling effect of media delivery on brand sales.
Measure the effect of cross-media advertising: including traditional media such as TV and outdoor; Measure the impact of omni-channel sales: both e-commerce sales and offline channel sales increase.
On the digital media side, the advertising exposure can be fully matched with the third-party monitoring company and the media, and the detailed digital media strategy can be integrated into the model.
The application of the media strategy shows the impact of the new round of media delivery on shoppers, and the penetration rate is improved; Study the influence of media delivery on different consumer segments and solve customer business problems;
What is the short-term contribution of advertising to sales? What is the impact on buyers? Which consumer segment is more affected by advertising–family stage/new buyer/heavy buyer?
What is the optimal frequency of communication with consumers?
What are the contributions of ATL and BTL?
nWhat role do different media play? What is the synergy?