Evaluation of media fusion effect
To Comprehensively measure the communication effects of media organizations, television, radio programs and online programs on the five major Internet communication channels, and scientifically and effectively evaluate the comprehensive communication effects of programs based on communication power, influence and leading power.
Research on the value of media integration platform
To Evaluate the value of the vertical category,accounts and content, and comprehensively analyze the communication power and influence of the vertical category, accounts and content according to the platform data to form a value ranking, or analyze and evaluate the value of the subject matter.
Media brand positioning
Through the research on the life style of national TV audience conducted every year, to support media to accurately position, and recognize advantages, identify opponents' weaknesses, find audience positioning and content positioning, and thus establish a differentiated brand image.
Media brand health
By investigating the whole process from the perception and impression of media content quality, style tone and expression form in the audience's mind to the contact experience of faithful use, to diagnose the health status of media brands from the indicators such as their popularity, recognition, reputation and loyalty, and discovers the problems of media brand development in time.
Optimization Research of Contextualized media
Under different scenes, consumers' attitudes and actions are quite different, and media forms, creativity, display methods and display brands in the scenes affect consumers' psychological recognition and purchasing behaviour. By measuring consumer status, contacting habit, contacting time, contacting feeling, interest degree and other indicators in the scene, Contextualized media is diagnosed based on the scene optimization evaluation model, which helps media to optimize the communication effectiveness.
Audience satisfaction
Through audience satisfaction with media, columns, hosts and other aspects, to provide indicators other than TV/Radio Ratings for internal evaluation, management and assessment of the media, objectively, fairly and comprehensively reflects audience's needs and evaluation on all aspects of the media, comprehensively evaluates the media from the perspective of audience reputation, and puts forward targeted suggestions for media improvement.
Comprehensive evaluation of brand influence of media platform
From the perspective of audience and media experts invited by CTR, to evaluate brand awareness, user satisfaction, platform credibility and platform works of media platforms in multiple dimensions and to obtain the comprehensive influence of each media platform, which helps each media platform understand its market positioning and formulate market development strategies and enhance brand influence.