Media Convergence Institute
Media research
The largest media research institution in China provides research services such as content production, advertising communication, brand positioning and internal management for various media based on audience research. It has more than 20 years of media research experience and occupies a leading position in the field of media research in China. Its main customers include domestic TV stations, broadcast media, online media, outdoor media, mobile media and other media companies.
Basic research of media industry
Provide basic research services of media industry
including media competitive environment and trend analysis
audience lifestyle and media preference
research on domestic and foreign program models
overseas communication research, monitoring and analysis of all-media content, etc.
Media content research
the research runs through the three stages before, during and after the program production. In the early stage, script testing, creative testing, sample testing and TV drama testing services can be provided to provide suggestions for program delivery; In the medium term, we can study the content orientation and elements of the program, analyze and arrange the audience, and revise the program to provide support for the optimization of the program content; In the later stage, it can provide audience satisfaction evaluation, comprehensive evaluation of programs, and evaluation of integrated communication effects, covering short videos, news, TV dramas, variety shows and other programs.
Test of (new) programs and TV dramas:By studying the key factors that affect the ratings and satisfaction of (new) programs and TV dramas, the future broadcast effects of (new) programs and TV dramas are estimated, and targeted improvement suggestions are put forward.
Comprehensive evaluation system of columns (channels):Started in 2010, with media influence, communication power and brand power as the core, it evaluates the comprehensive performance of columns (channels) and provides objective and fair internal management tools for TV stations.
Satisfaction evaluation system:Started in 1999, it has the benchmark value of TV program satisfaction in national and regional markets for more than 20 years, and has a mature satisfaction evaluation system of channels, columns and hosts.
Media convergence research
Provide evaluation of media integration communication effect, research of media integration convergence content products, monitoring of program network big data, research of media integration convergence transformation, etc.
Communication effect research:The representative product is the evaluation system of media convergence effect, which quantifies the audience satisfaction of the program and its communication, influence and leading power in different Internet channels.
Research on content products:Analyze audience demand, content positioning and communication strategy of content products integrated with media communication, such as Weibo, communication characteristics of WeChat, hot text communication characteristics, APP, webpage and function design, etc.
Big data monitoring of program network:Besides the traditional analysis and interpretation of TV ratings, it comprehensively monitors and analyzes the spread effect of programs on the Internet and audience evaluation.
Research on the transformation of media convergence:Study the successful cases and experiences of traditional media organizations, and combine with market demand to provide strategic suggestions for the integration transformation.
Outdoor and other new media research
Provide big data media portrait research, new media delivery value research, cross-media advertising effect research, cross-media delivery strategy evaluation, etc.
Cross-media value research:Based on SIVA model, combined with the critical moments of consumer decision-making process, comprehensively evaluate the contribution of each media to consumer decision-making from relevant dimensions, to define the value of each media and provide reference for the budget allocation of advertising.
Research on media contact points:By combing the typical advertising forms of various media, defining the typical media contact points with marketing driving force, and exploring the correlation between different types of consumers and various media contact points, it provides reference for advertising.
Outdoor media value evaluation:Based on CTR outdoor media value evaluation system, it helps outdoor media find market opportunities and communication value, and provides support for outdoor media optimization and marketing.
Evaluation system of advertising effect:Solve the problem of advertising effect on outdoor new media
Big data portrait of outdoor media audience:Combining electronic fence technology with Internet data to describe the characteristics of media audience.