Brand positioning of international communication
Through qualitative and quantitative research, the international media brand positioning, competitive media brand positioning and the global main target audience perception are combined together to help you find the brand positioning that is more relevant to your own characteristics and the needs of the audience, and put forward some path suggestions to enhance the brand's international communication power.
Audience reputation
Invite representatives of existing and potential audiences to evaluate the reputation of the target media, find out the main content modules or packaging production styles that make the media attractive to the audience, find out the 'potentiality' of media international communication, and drive the existing audience to enhance its stickiness while promoting the potential audience to transform into the existing audience.
Expert reputation
Multinational and multilingual industry experts are invited to evaluate the reputation of the target media, including program production level, host performance, information value, competitiveness compared with similar media and other dimensions. Help you further enhance the international image of media brands from a professional perspective.