Marketing strategy analysis of competing products
Based on global marketing activity data, multi-dimensional analysis is conducted to help customers gain insight into changes in market trends and competing strategies, and make timely and optimal marketing strategy optimization.
Audience media contact Research
Using scientific audience research methods, understand brand consumers' contact status with various life scenarios and multimedia communication channels, and help companies to scientifically optimize communication channel decision-making.
Brand positioning
Consumers' demands for brands at all levels can help you find brand positioning that is different from competitors and meets consumers' deep needs, provide support for building a strong differentiated brand, and shape the brand's competitive personality.
Brand health
By regularly evaluating the performance of brand key indicators, CTR's unique diagnostic model and advertising monitoring data, we can help you understand the reasons behind the change of brand key indicators and provide professional suggestions for your brand building.
Research on media qualityResearch on media quality
In order to explore the outstanding advantages of media in brand image, program quality and advertising environment, find out the direct cause of media influence; At the same time, according to the different audiences of audience, society and advertisers, the influence of media is evaluated from three dimensions: audience appreciation, social influence and marketing drive, to help media owners and media operators fully and objectively recognize the value of media.
Cross-media value evaluation
With the popularity of the Internet, consumers have more contact with Internet media than some traditional media, but there is still a lack of a unified evaluation system for the marketing value evaluation of various media. The CTR cross-media value evaluation model comprehensively evaluates the contribution of various media to consumer decision-making from relevant dimensions, to define the value of each media and to provide reference for the budget allocation of advertising.