Marketing effect evaluation
Based on scientific and mature methods and means, it helps enterprises evaluate the transformation effect of brand marketing activities on audiences, including the reach of marketing communication, the awareness of new products/promotional information, the promotion of purchase intention, and the brand awareness, brand preference and brand attitude formed by consumers through marketing communication content.
Advertising creative effect
Based on the advertising monitoring network covering more than 500 cities across the country, we can obtain the latest advertising creativity and contents in time and provide advertising creativity competition analysis. At the same time, based on professional research model, the creative effect is pre-tested and tracked from the audience's recollection and evaluation of advertising creativity, the influence of advertising creativity on brand and the response of audience behavior, to optimize the advertising investment effect.
Insight into digital outdoor media
The operator LBS data +CTR flow measurement model is used to realize the media portrait, and then the outdoor media effect evaluation system is constructed by fusing attitude data and effect data of big data companies such as BATJ, to solve the problem of outdoor media insight into people flow and media touch.