Consumer satisfaction
Through the study of the relationship between enterprises and customers (or other stakeholders), the matching degree between customer expectation and experience and enterprise service and product provision could be found. Based on professional data mining, you can find 'hidden opportunities' and eliminate 'potential risks' in advance, provide a clear direction of action in service or product value improvement, and conduct targeted and result-oriented management.
Consumer loyalty
The final purchase decision of consumers depends on the combination of the psychological strength of brands relative to specific consumers and the market forces of corresponding markets. By evaluating the relationship strength between consumers and brands or categories, consumers are classified while their commitment to brands or services is evaluated to provide suggestions for your precise marketing and brand communication strategies.
Mystery customer
With rich experience in mystery customer project, mature project management process and strong national self-owned operation network, we can provide you with timely and accurate mystery customer inspection service. At the same time, relying on CTR's strong research ability and industry experience, we can provide you with value-added channel management and service improvement consulting services.
Accurate customer acquisition
Internet user management and experience optimization services, throughout the entire chain (pre-buy, in-campagign, post-buy) of corporate marketing activities, including: big data empowers seed user population expansion, multiple channel coverage to accurately reach target users, real-time monitoring throughout the user experience journey. Help customers achieve accurate customer acquisition and efficient silent user activation.
Big data quick survey
Integrating CTR's 20-year consumer continuous research experience, innovative algorithm model and 600 million monthly active "real person" big data covering the mainstream Internet ecology, it helps customers realize accurate targeting user quickly and efficient Internet questionnaire delivery and data colletion.